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Eco Generator Ideas  - Unleash the green

Page history last edited by John Davitt 15 years, 4 months ago

Slight change of format here and for all future subject specific Generators. Also a semantic experiment with while - a temporal condition rather than our usual as


This page contains all the current Do & While Commands that are in the EGG

(Event Generator Green - sorry!) The aim is to unleash the inner-reflection that doing something constructive outside can provide!


Just scroll down to add and adjust. Have fun  ..  John

PS. It would be nice to build a really international resource under this heading.

Please note that editing any of the lists on this or any other page will not be automatically reflected in each Generator - but that's something we are working towards - I still update manually for the moment and will announce each imminent releae in these wiki pages. J



plant watering

old flower head removal


planting a seed

bird species spotting

painting a flower


choosing a recipe

trying to think of something to write

writing to your MP/Mayor

foraging for free food


woodland walking

minibeest drawing

skip/dumpster raiding

tree species spotting

flower pressing

wild seed sowing

compost spreading

compost making


hiding a present


a mini garden

recycled material sculpture

secret planting on a verge

hill walking

footpath pruning

litter gathering

a random act of kindness

bike riding

fossil hunting



making a mental list


the birds sing

the sun shines

making a figure of eight

moving in a big circle

breathing deeply

planning a holiday

ten minutes pass

five minutes pass

eating a seasonal fruit

thinking something “green”

rain falls softly

having a chat with yourself

on public land

it pours rain

lying in bed plotting


not really doing it

taking a picture

grinning like an idiot

reciting some Shakespeare

drawing a picture

colouring in

tracing an outline

drinking some water

in a library

overcoming a bad mood

talking to nobody

learning a poem

fixing something broken

finding animal prints

spotting three rocks 

Comments (1)

Dominic Davitt said

at 5:33 pm on Oct 20, 2008

what about bringing in a time limit column as well as the do and as! make distinctions between one off quick things and life mantras!

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