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examples of work inspired by the LEG

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February 2011 - More from my math class




It was parent visiting day and some of the kids parent's joined in on the fun.


Group 1a: Subtracting fractions as a 10 word recording

Group 1b: Adding mixed numbers as an army chant

Group 2: Percent Circle Graphs as a 50 word tale

Group 3: Subtracting mixed numbers as 4 powerpoint slides

Group 4: Equivalent fractions as a sad song


December 5, 2008 - NYC 6th Grade Math Class


  • Variables as a Mime
  • General Patterns and Special Cases as a 10 Word Audio Podcast
  • Dividing Decimals as a Mini Opera (audio)


Latest work comes from Salford Manchester UK 28th November 2008


Do Sedimentary Rock As a mini opera 

Filmed on Flip Video camera and edited in iMovie

(now with extra PlayMobil - some teachers will think of anything if it avoids a live performance) - well done all.


Also from the same day in Salford  Do Glaciation As a 10 second new Item 


Worcester UK 3rd November

The Heart as a Mini Opera

Just brilliant I particularly like the 4 chambers and poor old oxygen - much in demand!


Boston Lincolnshire June12th  2008

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 25ff2dcf420b4e548068d02cc1081c2a

An example of what happened when teachers in 

got the challenge to...do the sedimentary rock as a 10 second video shot on mobile phone!


Clydebank College - 23rd September 2008

Let's Talk About Txt Conference

Describe the life cycle of a frog in a txt message

"Meet mate, spawning, develop, hatching,survive,froglet,metamorphosis,frog,grow mate, die. :@( ribbit."


New York 6th Grade Math Class - September 2008

Three groups of 4 students had events generated for them surrounding topics we covered during the first month of school including, graphs, data landmarks, data analysis, and persuasion.



Wandsworth London UK  Head Teachers Bournemouth Marriot  3rd October 2008

How to make a Sponge cake as a 12 bar blues - say no more! All done in 20 minutes



Work from a workshop at BLC08  USA  the Groundbreaking Conference

hosted by Alan November in Boston USA  July 2008. This page includes 12 bar blues, Digestion as a text message and a film from the challenge of "Do how do make a paper aeroplane as a group mime."



New York 6th Grade Math Class - October 2008

Here is a second go-round of LEG work from my 6th grade class.


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