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Ideas for the As Pot - 200 ways to show what you know

Page history last edited by John Davitt 8 years, 5 months ago

Over 100 ways to turn learning into a right old performance -


  Moving the design of group learning activities  from afterthought to art form.

At the moment we expect far too much from individuals and far too little from groups.

Work is now underway on how we can allocate time to these challenges and how we can extend our repertoire of response to learning demonstrated beyond the page, the classroom and the timescale of a lesson. Catch up with John Davitt on his 2013 tour in Europe, Australia & USA and learn how to make you own Learning Event Generators tour details here

The idea for this list is to collect together a diverse sample of ways in which we can show our learning and understanding in addition to simply writing it down on a page. If you have an idea that you would like to add to the list leave it in the comment section below. 


For instance it should be possible to show an understanding of say "peristalsis" in all of the following formats..


Do peristalsis as........


  1. a haiku
  2. cubist-style sketch or collage 
  3. a letter of complaint 
  4. an origami folded paper model
  5. a 1930s radio broadcast
  6. a love song
  7. an army march chant
  8. a marriage vow
  9. a story with a twist at the end 
  10. Dear John letter
  11. a slow-motion, instant replay
  12. a play in three 10 second acts
  13. an abstract expressionist painting
  14. a play-by-play sports commentary
  15. a finger drum solo on the desk with call outs
  16. flip book (old school animation)
  17. a 20-word telegraph
  18. an icon and logo design
  19. a  percussion sequence 
  20. shadow puppet show
  21. a puppet show maybe with paper finger puppets of your own design
  22. a children's book
  23. a choreographed fight scene
  24. an interpretive dance
  25. an obituary
  26. a  radio advertisement
  27. a public service announcement
  28. a proverb
  29. a cartoon
  30. a calendar design 
  31. a heated dialogue between enemies
  32. a bumper sticker
  33. five words written with the hand you don't write with 
  34. a playdough/modelling clay scultpure
  35. a series of 5 photographs
  36. a sketch with non-dominant (left) hand
  37. a concept map
  38. an expressive dance
  39. an album cover
  40. an impressionistic painting
  41. A sonnet
  42. A nursery rhyme
  43. A game of charades
  44. A board game
  45. A rap/hip-hop song
  46. a charts or a graph
  47. A rap of your own making
  48. A tattoo design
  49. A show & tell event
  50. A word cloud in Wordle
  51. A floor plan of a house with appropriate labels
  52. A finger puppet show
  53. A hand jive sequence
  54. A tiny opera
  55. As a Photosynth style file
  56. As a mashup of two music styles
  57. A mini tableau with annotation
  58. An answerphone message (Skype?)
  59. a song sung in the style of Bohemian Rhapsody
  60. A telephone interview for 
  61. A product sales package
  62. A costume design
  63. A television advert for a foodstuff
  64. A labelled diagram or picture 
  65. A two minute conversation in a group with optional signage
  66. A scene from a silent movie
  67. A Monty Python sketch
  68. 4 powerpoint slides
  69. as an epigram 
  70. a potato print 
  71. A mini-novel of 200 words
  72. A brainstorm in bubbl.us
  73. A matrix-style reinvention
  74. A mobile to hang from a ceiling
  75. An animation
  76. A playscript for a 1 minute play
  77. An improvisation
  78. a flow diagram
  79. a paper collage
  80. a Furoshiki design 
  81. a Shape poem
  82. a folded information leaflet
  83. a Paper doll display
  84. a 25 second radio broadcast
  85. a high priority e-mail message 
  86. a 20 second recording
  87. an illustrated diagram
  88. a 50 word written account
  89. a mime
  90. an interpretive dance 
  91. a whisper (maybe recorded on a mobile for playback)
  92. a pencil sketch
  93. a Roy Lichtenstein style poster  
  94. a 20 second rap
  95. a connect the dots diagram
  96. a crayon drawing
  97. a 30 second skit
  98. a tap dance around the key issues on the floor
  99. blues song - performed
  100. a pose


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