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Ideas for the Do pot !

Page history last edited by John Davitt 11 years, 9 months ago

Please read cut / paste and add your own ideas / feel free to add ideas straight to list 


Many thanks -  Have Fun


  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Boyle's law
  3. evolution
  4. The plot of Hamlet
  5. The quadratic formula
  6. The concept of gravity
  7. The journey of a river
  8. The water cycle
  9. Song lyrics
  10. 5 influential  world leaders
  11. Influence of technology in life
  12. Plot development
  13. parts of Speech
  14. any set of math formulae
  15. similar Polygons
  16. the three key rules of cricket
  17. Scientific Notation
  18. the planets on the way to the sun
  19. Digestion- the basics
  20. Sedimentary Rocks
  21. How a light works
  22. glaciation
  23. the printing process
  24. the continents of the world
  25. what we know about the brain
  26. how Hitler was defeated
  27. the main parts of a book
  28. the geography of France
  29. how to make a paper aeroplane
  30. rules of baseball
  31. what Magna Carta meant
  32. Magnetism
  33. How to make a sponge cake
  34. Cubism
  35. life-cycle of frog
  36. 12 bar blues
  37. a sonnet
  38. how steel is made
  39. uses of the apostrophe
  40. how to make an omelette
  41. the history of the olympics
  42. the internal combustion engine
  43. how a hybrid car works
  44. global warming
  45. democracy
  46. how to make a perfume
  47. changing a diaper/nappy
  48. the epidermis
  49. the heart
  50. parts of the ear
  51. how a loan works
  52. parts of a ...
  53. A Friends episode
  54. How Hannibal crossed the Alps
  55. How glass is made
  56. Types of cloud
  57. Colours of the rainbow
  58. Volcano formation
  59. The stock exchange mechanism
  60. The twelve times table
  61. History of the bow and arrow
  62. What caused the First World War
  63. Why people are made redundant
  64. The effects of bullying
  65. The triangular slave trade
  66. How to measure the distance to a star
  67. Why the dinosaurs died out
  68. Plate tectonics
  69. Pythagoras
  70. Was King John bad?
  71. How to do long multiplication
  72. Bloom's taxonomy
  73. Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  74. Your house and family
  75. Creationism
  76. Breast stroke
  77. The five senses
  78. The London Underground
  79. Aerofoil design
  80. Parts of speech
  81. The life-cycle of a butterfly
  82. Chaos theory
  83. Random numbers
  84. How the West was won
  85. Who killed cock-robin
  86. The Bible
  87. A light-switch and battery electrical circuit
  88. War and Peace
  89. How to read a map
  90. Metacognition
  91. Fibonacci numbers
  92. The Six wives of Henry VIII
  93. The Ten Commandments
  94. Our Classroom rules
  95. Design/layout of our classroom
  96. Ten ways to keep fit/healthy
  97. Stem and Leaf Plots
  98. Line Plots
  99. Bar Graph
  100. Percent Circle
  101. Broken Line Graph
  102. Range
  103. Median
  104. Mode
  105. Maximum
  106. Minumum
  107. Mean
  108. Multiplication with numbers ending in zero
  109. Step Graph
  110. Division - partial products
  111. Subtracting money
  112. Adding money
  113. Estimation
  114. Comparing the median and mean
  115. Comparing graphs
  116. Mystery plots 
  117. the location of five small countries on the globe
  118. the journey of the Magi
  119. the travels of Marco Polo
  120. the subject of Geology
  121. ways of surviving in the desert
  122. the story of the RepRap machine
  123. the idea behind the Kiva website
  124. the rudiments of science
  125. instructions for pancake making
  126. Charge of the Light Brigade
  127. The Gettysburg Address
  128. lithography
  129. dwelling design on three continents
  130. places connected by the equator
  131. places connected by the tropic of Capricorn
  132. how to brew beer
  133. three science laws made simple
  134. the history of China
  135. were the Apollo moon landings real or faked
  136. playing World of Warcraft
  137. the effects of Acid Rain
  138. the periodic table
  139. the Fall of the Roman Empire
  140. the correct use of the apostrophe
  141. a school Governors' meeting
  142. the Great Fire of London
  143. the two times table
  144. two great river systems
  145. how to knit
  146. Political Correctness
  147. small animal care
  148. the moon's effect on the tides
  149. Different types of satellites
  150. Aircraft Fuel Consumption
  151. The battle of Marathon 
  152. A cake icing design
  153. The processes of coastal erosion
  154. The history of flight
  155. The Boston Molasses disaster
  156. How to put up a shelf
  157. cat's cradle
  158. three time connectives eg "later"
  159. four words with the suffix "ion"
  160. three powerful adjectives (or "wow" words)
  161. Four seasonal vegetables
  162. Four healthy breakfast choices
  163. Multiples of 8
  164. Seven Wonders of the world
  165. three famous battles
  166. the Mason-Dixon line
  167. how the solstice is calculated
  168. the Ten commandments
  169. The Marketing 4P's 

  170. properties of different materials

  171.  rules of soccer

  172. what plants need to grow well

  173. how World War Two began

  174. how to make a white sauce 

  175. 4 Christian signs or symbols

  176. 4 Jewish sacred artefacts

  177. 4 symbols of Islam

  178. magnetism 

  179. 4 Sikh signs or symbols

  180. different ways of passing a ball to a friend

  181. ways your body can travel around the room using curly shapes

  182. types of evergreen tree

  183. parts of a flowering plant

  184. main food groups

  185. primary paint colours and how to make secondary ones

  186. how shadows are formed

  187. two known volcanoes

  188. how insects pollinate plants 

  189. floating and sinking

  190. factors of one hundred

  191. alternatives to the word said

  192. useful mnemonics

  193. common acronyms

  194. instructions for making a cup of tea

  195. recycling

  196. how pneumatics work

  197. features of a playscript

  198. features of a newspaper article 

  199. story openings 

  200. alliteration 

  201. how a desert is formed 

  202. carnivores

  203. herbivores 

  204. compass navigation

  205. latitude and longitude

  206. playground games

  207. nursery rhymes

  208. some traditional stories 

  209. perimeter

  210. 2D shapes

  211. 3D shapes

  212. area of shapes 

  213. punctuation 

  214.  how to spell some tricky words

  215. a story 

  216. 30 days have September......... 

  217. telling the time 

  218. alphabetical order 

  219. co ordinates

  220. capacity

  221. division

  222. symmetry 

  223. measuring angles 

  224. the seasons 

  225. how seeds grow like runnerbean

Comments (12)

Daniel Penn said

at 7:51 pm on Sep 30, 2008

56. What caused the First World War
57. Why people are made redundant
58. The effects of bullying
59. The triangular slave trade

davegarland said

at 12:27 am on Oct 1, 2008

60. How to measure the distance to a star
61. Why the dinosaurs died out
62. Plate tectonics

Reshan Richards said

at 2:14 pm on Oct 2, 2008

I changed the list to an ordered number list to keep the formatting consistent

rmillwood said

at 6:31 pm on Oct 2, 2008

63. Pythagoras
64. Was King John bad?
65. How to do long multiplication
66. Bloom's taxonomy
67. Maslow's hierarchy of needs
68. Your house and family
69. Creationism
70. Breast stroke
71. The five senses
72. The London underground
73. The airofoil
74. Parts of speech
75. The lifecycle of the butterfly
76. Chaos theory
77. Random numbers
78. How the West was won
79. Who killed cock-robin
80. The Bible
81. A light, switch and battery electrical circuit

davegarland said

at 8:27 pm on Oct 2, 2008

82. War and Peace
83. How to read a map
84. Metacognition
85. Fibonacci numbers
86. The Six wives of Henry VIII

Angela Davitt said

at 3:15 pm on Oct 6, 2008

How about a numbered paper version of LEG as class poster? Students choose one option from 'do' pot + one from 'as' pot to complete for homework and one/several examples presented to whole class. Could also display just the 'as' list and give one strand of topic studied that term for 'do' strand e.g. What Romans brought us. (Whole School Creativity?)

davegarland said

at 12:23 am on Nov 24, 2008

135. Were the Apollo moon landings real or faked
136. Playing World of Warcraft
137. The effects of Acid Rain
138. The periodic table
139. The Fall of the Roman Empire
140. The correct use of the apostrophe
141. A school Governors' meeting

eliza mountford said

at 11:28 pm on Nov 27, 2008

142. The Great Fire of London
143. Where did Supermodels come from

davegarland said

at 10:12 am on Jun 2, 2009

Britain's got talent

davegarland said

at 10:13 am on Jun 2, 2009

An episode of "The Apprentice"

jess said

at 10:15 pm on Jan 25, 2010

the Buddhist Eight-fold Path

evdenevesec said

at 8:55 pm on Jun 17, 2010

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